A6 Cam chain tensioners

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Based on my (extremely unfortunate experience), I'd say it's the other way around. The timing belts are spec'd at either 90K or 105K, and easily last that long. The water pump you'll be *LUCKY* to get 60K from. Mine seized at 52K and took the belt and the top half of my engine with it, stranding me a long way from home.

The slight good news is that the water pumps make a definite sound for some months before they fail, sort of an angry warbling like there's a chipmunk under your hood.  I call it the "death warble".

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Bill Shaw wrote:
> Are there normally any problems with the cam chain tensioners on a '99 
> A6 2/8L?


The water pump is driven off the cam belt, and when it breaks, it does
bad things.  The rule of thumb is to replace the water pump every other
timing belt change (if you change the belt at 60K miles). Or this one,
if you don't know when it was changed previously.

The tensioning pulley and idler pulley are more robust. I guess
replacing them with the water pump is "cheap" insurance. Some people
have managed to replace the pulley's bearings with generic parts, to
reduce costs. (Know, I don't have part numbers.)

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