Fuse the Fan

Tony Hoffman auditony at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 14:01:16 EDT 2007

Yes, this should be done to ALL 5000's and 200's. I think the 20V may
already have one. Can anyone confirm this?

Anyhow, you can get an 80 or 100 amp fusible link at FLAPS and put it
in line of your fan. I mounted mine to the radiator fan itself, right
before fan connections.

This way if the fan ever shorts internally, it will blow the fuse and
not your whole car!!

BTW, this would probably be a good one to take pics and notes, and add
it to the knowledgebase.

Tony Hoffman

On 4/16/07, JeffreyZentner at aol.com <JeffreyZentner at aol.com> wrote:
> I have an 88 5KQT is this something I should do? If yes how should it be done?
> Jeff Zentner
> Alta CA
> 88 5KQT

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