Car lot bonanza

john at john at
Mon Apr 16 15:26:05 EDT 2007

David Kase wrote:

> So you were test driving all afternoon??????
> DK
> john at wrote:
>> Lyn and I were exiting the roundabout in front of the local VW/BMW 
>> dealer yesterday when we spotted what appeared to be an A4 Avant on 
>> the lot.  Other Audis were scattered around, so we thought we'd stop 
>> and look, just to check, mind you, 'cause I'm looking for a TDi or 2 
>> litre gas Golf.  Much to my surprise, the A4 isn't, it's a 2003 S4, 
>> and the car next to it is an S6 4.2, and the next one over is an 
>> RS6!  Good thing Lyn LOVES her A6QA, or I'd be in DEEP financial doo 
>> doo ...............  Kinda unusual to see these cars here, as the 
>> nearest dealer is 70 miles away, and the market is heavily skewed 
>> towards the "I gotta have a BMW" crowd.  John
>> Unfortunately (or maybe the other way around), I had to build a 25 ft 
>> long retaining wall for a planter yesterday.  Got it done, all the 
>> way from checking grade to digging the footing and installing the 
>> blocks.  Not bad for an ol'phart!  Kinda stiff and sore today, but 
>> it'll pass.  Now I have to move in about 4 yards of dirt to fill the 
>> thing and get stuff planted ........ At least the planter doesn't 
>> come with car payments!  John

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