is there any performance mods for the C4 2.8 V6 wagons?

JordanVw at JordanVw at
Tue Apr 17 13:39:41 EDT 2007

ok, ive been test driving a few C4 wagons..  with the 2.8 v6 and automatic 
trans of course..
 they all seem pretty ANEMIC compared to my '86 5kTurbo with the MC engine 
and AUTOMATIC trans..   yes, my 21 year old 5000 turbo with automatic trans 
seems to have more getup and go than a '98 A6 wagon 2.8 automatic..  
the C4 2.8 auto has major lag...  is it because of the drive-by-wire?  when 
was DBW introduced? 
i was told the C4 2.8 was like 175 hp. 

and i believe my '86 5kT with the MC 5cyl turbo is like 158hp or something..

why is the C4 such a slug?     is there any performance mods than can be done 
to it?

what year C4's are good to get and what years should i avoid?  i was told to 
steer clear of the '92-'94 100 C4's because theyre prone to oil leaks..?

i really need a automatic wagon - so all the "S" series cars are out, since 
they only came in manual , but i dont want to sacrifice performance..    should 
i just keep my 5kt for a few more years and hold out for an Allroad with the 
2.7T when they actually get affordable??(way out of my budget now)   was the 
C5 A6 wagon ever offered with the turbo, or did it just come in the allroads?

any answers would help..


'86  5kT..perfect shape
looking for a wagon though..

 See what's 
free at

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