quattro Digest, Vol 42, Issue 37

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 17:14:07 EDT 2007

i think thats a great suggestion. the b5 a4's have [unfortunately for some
of us] really dropped in price.

fyi the b5 rear seats fold down which RADICALLY effects useability of the
car - i can fit 2 mountian bikes [front wheels off] and tons of gear in
mine. not sure what is driving the need for a wagon but the a4's "trunk" is
far more useful than a 90, 4k, even 5k trunk [as big as it is] is. i can
also fit 3 people + boards and skii's in the car - no racks to fuss with,
kill gas mileage or, more importantly, look dorky. =)

the a4 does have lots of upgrade options, a 1.8t avant with tip and ecu
chips would be much more fun and have plenty of zip for a daily driver.
there are also lots of parts on the used market, which helps making them fun
on the cheap.

the downside is that the a4 avant is small - much smaller than the a6, hence
my question about the need for a wagon.


> Regardless, you may consider an A4 wagon, with the automatic. These are
> pretty readily available on the used market, particularly in Colorado,
> where
> I'm starting to see nice examples for around $8k. Maybe you can find one
> of
> the 1.8 turbo engines that has been well maintained and do some simple
> mods,
> thus approach something like the driving experience you are enjoying with
> your 5000.

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