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I just did both fronts on the 4000 Quattro. I used standard axle
bearing grease. It's not so important what you use, just that you
clean out all the old and put a decent coat of new. I've owned 6
4000's with power windows, never had a window opperate so smoothly as

Tony Hoffman

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> What do I lube up window tracks with?
> Jeff Zentner
> Alta CA
> 5KTQ
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> Kent,
> Got married on Saturday, so my archive browsing and responses are a little
> behind! Apologize if I duplicate other responses!
> Nice list, looks pretty good.
> While you're doing the door jamb wires (I've found it best to pull window
> frame, undo wiring, then take door off) would suggest a good lube on door
> internal mechanicals and close inspection of lock assy! Lock assys are prone
> to breakage, replacement cyl assys are cheap enough and are modified,
> requires some additional clearance on one of the ball sockets. Also, trunk
> cyl assys are know to seize up. Either tons of lube, or remove the spring
> loaded detent ball. Also lube up window tracks, etc. And good to do stereo
> stuff whilst door is apart.
> BIGGIE! Ground connections. Clean all engine to chassis ground points and
> cables, and ECU to chassis/intake manifold . PITA to get at ground points
> below the ABS, inside the rail, but can be done. I also added a engine to
> firewall ground strap.
> Motor mounts and trans mounts. Drivers side motor mounts get fried over
> time, trans mounts usually get pentosin/and or oil soaked.
> Performance: Would suggest a strut or tower bar support. (Not going down
> that debate trail) Alignments are a issue with these cars, and lowering
> springs will make it worse. Adj camber plates will ease the pain, but they
> don't really stop the towers from further collapsing!
> Remove shifter boot, clean and lube shifter. Also, check linkage as the ball
> sockets get funky!
> Bottom line is (as most of us know) takes quite a bit to sort these cars
> out! I'm of the mind set that doing the job right, good parts, patience, and
> quality work means that I'm not doing it again! (In theory that is!)
> enough for now!
> Eric
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