is there any performance mods for the C4 2.8 V6 wagons?

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Tue Apr 17 17:59:17 EDT 2007

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> But if you're going to dump that kind of $$ into it
> Why not look for a S4 / S6??

cuz theyre not automatics.

apparently everyone keeps missing the point... im looking for an AUTOMATIC 
 but dont want a slug..    seems people are steering me to a 1.8T..because 
you can mod it..   
i sure as hell dont want an A4 wagon.. they are tiny.
so i guess Audi's are out then.. since the only large audi turbo automatic 
wagon is the Allroad, correct??? dont have $$$$$$ for that..
B5 passat wagons are way bigger than a A4 wagon..

why the hell didnt audi ever make a 5000/200 turbo wagon in automatic... 
GRRRRRRR...damn germans  

'86 5kt Automatic.. sedan..  thats faster than any C4 2.8 ive driven yet..

 See what's free at

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