'New' A6Q!

Ingo Rautenberg ingo.rautenberg at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 14:40:52 EDT 2007


Cool on both counts.  Hmm.  Timing belt?  Or maybe a supercharger  
while you're at it?  Insert Big GRIN...

BTW, That's the first time I've seen a non-screw type supercharger on  
the 928.  Guy around here had the  twin screw-type from 928  
Specialists installed last year, I think.  I just love abnormally- 
aspirated cars :-D


On Apr 23, 2007, at 2:21 PM, quattro-request at audifans.com wrote:

> From: Bill Shaw <b.shaw at comcast.net>
> Date: April 23, 2007 12:13:15 PM GMT-04:00
> To: quattro at audifans.com
> Subject: 'New' A6Q!
> My wife's new A6Q is here!  Guess what my first job is....
> http://p-928.home.comcast.net/Audi-1.jpg
> And, off topic,  I uploaded a couple of pics of my 'new' 928 engine  
> this morning and thought a few here might be interested.
> http://p-928.home.comcast.net/new_5.0-1.jpg
> http://p-928.home.comcast.net/new_5.0-2.jpg
> It was a busy weekend :-)
> Best,
> Bill

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