disassembling type-44 rear calipers

Ameer Antar antar at comcast.net
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Well, I was able to pull the snap ring out, but the threaded rod is still stuck
in there. I bought a new snap-ring plier with reversible/ removable heads. The
pliers were too wide to fit in the bore, but I used just the head and squeezed
them with regular old pliers. 
It looks like there is a plate above the rod that holds it in, almost like a
freeze plug. I sprayed some WD-40 in there and tried rocking the rod out of the
bore, but no luck. I even installed the seals and piston and used air pressure
hoping the pressure would force it out along with the piston. Unfortunately,
all it did was separate the piston from the inner threaded section that holds
the spring.
Anyone actually done this before? What's the trick to taking out the center
rod? Thanks.

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 http://20v.org/brakere.htm  Covers it.

Ameer Antar wrote:Does anyone know how to take apart the rear brake calipers
for a 5000? I need
to take out the rubber seals before getting them coated, but the parking brake
mechanism doesn't seem to want to come out after taking the spring out. There's
a large snap-ring deep inside the piston bore; is this necessary to remove the
parking brake mechanism? Also what kind of tool could I use on that? The
snap-ring pliers I have are to wide and short to reach all the way into the
bore. I haven't been able to find a set of long nose snap-ring pliers. Any
advice is much appreciated.

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