fuel and brake lines

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Fri Apr 27 19:07:30 EDT 2007

I've made them, but I have a hydraulic (hand operated) flaring tool ($$$).
They do make inexpensive kits (nut and bolt type of action), but they don't
have a good reputation for making a good double flare.  YMMV.

High presure flexible (reinforced) fuel line is readily available.
Generally not used for long runs, but can be.  BTW- every car uses some of
this, as the engine rocks, needing at least a short flexible section.

And don't skimp on the hose clamps.  Wide band, all stainless, even clamping
force.  You'll still need to flare the metal line ends, at a minimum.

Mark Rosenkrantz

On 4/27/07, Kent McLean <kentmclean at comcast.net> wrote:
> I got the bad new regarding my new-to-me 200 20V Avant. Among other
> maladies
> preventing it from passing a state safety inspection are the metal brake
> and
> fuel lines that run under the car. (Gotta love salted roads.)
> I've been told the fuel line is NLA. My first thought was to run new fuel
> lines
> in a couple of pieces, for ease of installation. The tech says metal fuel
> lines
> spliced with rubber hose won't pass inspection, and will probably leak in
> a few
> months. My second thought was to use compression fittings to join the
> lines.
> Doable? Good idea? Bad idea?
> The brake lines I think need to be one piece (true?). I haven't priced OEM
> pieces. Has anyone made their own, using straight pipe from the FLAPS,
> bent into
> shape and flared at the ends?  Single flare or double? Can compression
> fittings
> hold up to the much higher pressure of the brake line?
> (Anyone want to buy a 200 TQA, cheap? :)
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