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Sun Apr 29 20:46:14 EDT 2007

So, you're saying that the weight in the manual is too thick, even for a turbo
motor? Is that because the new synthetic oil is different from the oil
available in '85? 
I don't think I'll be seeing those cold temps this summer, but it's good to
know the oil is capable of that range. I guess I might try 0w40 like you're

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 > Both 10w30 and 15w40/50 are too thick. run either 5W-30 or 0W40.
> If your oil stays below 100 degC, all of those oils are TOO THICK, if
> you do a flow test.
> Unless you are truly racing, it is a fallacy that you need thicker oil.
>  What you should really concentrate on is somethign that will give good
> lubrication at 20,30,40 deg C.
> If you want lots of data to support this, do a search for "motor oil
> 101" by AEHAAS, who's done extensive research on the subject.
> 0W40 is approved by Audi (VW50x.x approvals) for all temperatures we
> encounter in the USA/Canada/mexico at least.
> I used 5W30 in my biturbo S4 (far more demanding than most motors) with
> great results.
> I subsequently saw the specs on 0W40 and "that's all she wrote". Its
> quite impressive.
> You should look for an oil with ACEA A3/B3 approval if you want the
> best hgih temp/high shear protection.
> Another great oil choice is ELF Excellium Full Tech synthetic 5W40 or
> 0W30.
> Grant
> On Apr 29, 2007, at 11:58 AM, Ameer Antar wrote:
> > I'm about to do an oil change and was wondering what's the consensus
> > on running
> > full synthetic 10W30 during the early summer. That's what I ran during
> > the
> > winter, but not sure if I should change that up now. I live in CT, so
> > temps
> > will definitely be in the 80's when I need another oil change. I know
> > the
> > manual calls for 15w40, but I'm not sure if that applies to full
> > synthetic.
> > There is a 15w40 available in the extended performance oil, but it's
> > more
> > expensive and very hard to find around here. So far, no ticking noise
> > from the
> > lifters, but everything is fairly new. Am I going to do any damage
> > running
> > 10w30? What about 0w-40? TIA.
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