5ktq speedometer error

Kurt Deschler desch at alum.wpi.edu
Sun Apr 29 21:09:49 EDT 2007

I looked at the circuit and guage internals. The circuit is pretty simple. 
It converts a pulse from the sender to an analog voltage. There is 
no adjustment on the guage but this could be added easily on the analog 
side with a potentiometer. I suspect that there is a bad capacitor or D/A 
convertor that is making the guage pulse on mine. I have an extra board 
from the junkyard to swap parts from now. I will send an update when I get 
a chance to fix my guage.

  It looks like a pretty simple 
pulse counter with a D/A converter and analog

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> I know this is a really old topic, but I just noticed that even though the
> speedo is 4-5mph over true speed, the trip computer does register pretty close
> to the correct speed. I cleared the average speed on the computer, and it
> showed 76mph while the speedo showed about 80. So it looks like the offset is
> in the speedo only. I wonder how that affects the odometer mileage since it's
> part of the speedo. Does anyone know of a VDO gauge specialist? I wonder if it
> can be re-calibrated...
> -Ameer
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>> The speedo on my 5ktq is around 6mph on the high side. In addition, it
>> pulses at low RPMs. My suspicion is a bad capacitor somewhere, but I
>> really know how these speedos work. Anyone seen this before or have a fix?
>>     -Kurt
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