Mobil 1 oil weight

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 > I am a little confused with those charts from SJM. In column A is listed a
> 10W-30/10W-40 oil as being "Energy conserving oil". Column B also has
> 10W-30/10W-40 as just multi-grade oil. What is the difference?
I think this is just a newer, more strict standard. 

> I live in the tropics, temps run from 65-98 degrees.
> My car is a 1990 80 Non-Q, 4 banger. 60K on rebuilt engine. (208K)
> I currently use Castrol 20W-50 Synthetic based on the older chart.
> Now do the arrow points on the end of the graph indicate going to infinity,
> as opposed to the bar that ends specifically at a temp.
Ya, that's what it means. I would think that for a non-turbo, the oil-grade
chart would be different: lighter since the oil won't be heated up by the
turbo. I would double check your manual, but if it doesn't have an Energy
Conserving section, maybe look at a newer chart from a very similar engine,
i.e. 4-cyl. non-turbo.  

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