Mobil 1 oil weight

jmcelroy jmcelroy at
Mon Apr 30 20:21:09 EDT 2007

What about Rotella T  5W - 40? Isn't that a full synthetic? I have used it 
in our 1.8T Avant for 134,000 mi.and it still doesn't use any oil between 
5000 mi. changes. Also used it in my 200tq with over 200,000 mi. and it used 
very little oil if any. Come to think of it, it probably leaked out 
somewhere. :)

Jim McElroy

1999.5 A4 Avant 1.8tq sport
2006 Jetta TDI DSG  non quattro :(
1993 90s
1990 200tq
1987  4000csq

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