Mobil 1 oil weight

Grant Lenahan glenahan at
Mon Apr 30 21:01:14 EDT 2007

A few other suggested good quality oils:

Redline, AMSOIL, Purple stuff - all supposedly top shelf. Hard to find. 
Costly. Sometimes not type approved for warranty purposes.

ELF Excellium - very good numbers, PAO based, approved by about 
everyone (MB, VW, Porsche, A3/B3)
(same is true for M1 0W40, BTW)

German Castrol -aka BP developed for ACEA specs

And one I would not ignore, although it is Group III ( I dont give a 
hoot) - Shell Rotella T 5W40 synth
Good oil, good numbers, high levels of detergent and zinc additives.

On Apr 30, 2007, at 8:22 PM, thejimrose wrote:

> Thanks Taka. I do use the german castrol occasionally. Haven't seen the
> Penz, but haven't looked.
> I guess the $64000 question is; "is the new, not fully synth m1 worse 
> in any
> real sense than the fully synth". Maybe mobil figured out a way to 
> make it
> cheaper and as good [yea right].  Maybe they have a new product 
> manager who
> needs to get revenue up 10%.
> Redline is what, $8/qt? Sigh, maybe i'll just bite the bullet and do 
> the RL
> at 6k intervals.

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