oil, what do I know?

William Magliocco magliocc at rocketmail.com
Mon Apr 30 21:57:10 EDT 2007

-Oh, golly, just in time for the first of May...an oil

I have no trouble getting the Pentosin 5W40 with all
relevant VAG approvals at my local EuroPartsHaus.  He
has been holding the line @ $32 for a 5 liter jug on
that, so it is competitive with quart bottles of
Syntec and regular M1 at the chain stores.

I see where Castrol just moved production of the VAG
referenced Syntec 5W40 to the US from Belgium.  A
while back I saw Syntec 0W30 (also VAG approved) that
was German sourced.  These were at AutoZone.

If you want Elf oils, he can supply them as well. 
We'll worry about squeezing Ernie sooner or later

I worry about the VAG numbers on the bottle as I have
an '06 Passat under warranty.  

As far as my '93 V6 100 goes, I give it the Castrol
GTX "geezer" oil.  It keeps the seals happier than
other stuff, and keeps the car from going through as
much oil.  Without a turbo, etc. I think that car is
reasonably well protected with that oil.

So, in summary, are we so worried about motor oils on
the list that only a European made lubricant will
suffice?  I'll be happy to give you the contact
information for my supplier, just ask.

Bill M.

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