How much oil does your 2.8L 5 valve take?

Thu Aug 2 21:17:00 EDT 2007

Just picked up a 1998 A4 with the 2.8L 5 valve AHA Motor. 

Owners manual states......... 5.5 Qt with filter change
Bentley  states ................... 6.3 Qt with filter  change (AHA m.y. 
I used a OEM sized Mann FILTER    W 930/21   and 5.5 Qts  puts me at the 
'ADD'  mark and it looks like two more qts. to the 'Full' mark. I know that my 5  
cyl Audi's  dipsticks were not very accurate. I don't really care what it  
says on the stick, I just want the right amount of oil in it.
How much does your's take?
I realize many people use a W 940/45  which holds about 1/2 Qt  more.
I don't like to overfill, most of the cars I have owned just blow out the  
excess till they get to the right amount.

'98 A4 Avant  Q
''88 80Q
'85 4KQ

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