Is the B3 Radiator Repairable?

Kneale Brownson knealeski at
Mon Aug 6 07:26:24 EDT 2007

I epoxied a piece of copper pipe in place of the plastic top radiator hose spout that broke off my 200q20v's radiator after I laid on top of it to get to the steering rack end of the high pressure hose.  It held up from fall until the following summer, when I replaced all the cooling system.  I soldered a piece of wire onto the pipe to create a raised lip.

"John S. Lagnese" <jlagnese at> wrote:
  Time to give Chris @ Force 5 a call. I had a similar problem with my 91 
Jetta. It never held, no matter what I used or did.
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> Hello,
> Is the B3 Radiator Repairable? I Was flushing the coolant system and broke
> off the plastic spout? on the front off the upper plastic cap that comes
> from the auxiullary radiator.

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