Since we are talking about $Pentosin$, what about Antifreeze (coolant)

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Mon Aug 6 19:42:57 EDT 2007

Red mixed with anything else will cause a sludgy precipitant that'll gum up
whole system.

The older cars call for blue Pentosin, however I do know after a completeflush,
that several have run Preston Orange Extended Life (such as GM uses) without
any problems.


On 8/6/07, MXHOWES at <MXHOWES at> wrote:
> OK, what's so special (except for the price) about Pentosin coolant? In
> reading some peoples posts it seems to be the 'mother of all evils' to see
> any
> color but red in your Audi's ExpansionTank. My other Audi's have
> had  nothing
> but green stuff in them for most of their life ...and they are
> still  running.
> When it's time to flush the system on my 'new' '98 A4, I plan on
> using  the
> green or yellow stuff ...why not? In fact I have a jug of
> Prestone  Extended Life
> new formula that says it can be MIXED with any color, any type,  foreign
> or
> domestic. Not that I an going to mix anything, but is there any  science
> (not
> hype for proprietary products) behind  'only red in  VW/Audi'.
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