John Larson westcoast at
Mon Aug 6 19:21:30 EDT 2007

You asked: "Hi,
Does the Pentosin 11s supercede the 7.1? Can I use the 7.1 in my 91 Audi 200 
TQ 20V? I have checked online and I get both as part # G 002 000 as called 

Hi, John.  The part numbers are NOT the same.  11s has an "A" suffix.  
As always, every digit or number of a part number is significant, 
sometimes indicating a supercession, sometimes a color, and sometimes a 
different part.  There's ALWAYS a reason.  Leaving part of the number 
off can result in confusion, or a mechanical problem I recently ran 
across a VW output shaft seal with an "A" suffix that fit the case fine, 
and puked oil all over the brand new clutch.  Late mainshaft seal, early 
mainshaft tranny.
To answer your question, yes, you can use 11s in a 7.1 designed car, but 
you "shouldn't" use 7.1 in a car designed to use 11s.  For the responder 
with the '91 200, 11s is the original fluid, IIRC. 


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