86 coupe temp guage

Wayne Reser popflyz at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 16:36:41 EDT 2007

I have two 87.5 Coupes with the very same problem.  The digital temp guages behave normally some of the time but will zoom off the scale and into fault-mode after only a little bit of driving.  Backing off the throttle will temporarily bring the indicator out of fault-mode and then the temp always is where it should be. 
  My hoses are good and I recently had cooling system work done on both cars; my mechanic in one case and me in the other (Look out! He's got a wrench!!!).  No change.
  I figure the odds of both water pumps going on the fritz is relatively low and I have no other pump related symptoms. 
  My bet is on the temp sensors, but I will double check the obvious and not so obvious stuff mentioned.
  Mark, email me off-line and we'll compare notes...
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