Fender Bender repair advice needed

Tony Hoffman auditony at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 21:06:42 EDT 2007

This all depends on the state. I've bought back four cars from
insurance, one of them twice. Three different states. Never had a
salvage title, never had to have it inspected. I would have disclosed
the wreck in a sale, but I run mine till they die, I don't sell them

But, some states are very strict on this, others are much more lax.

Tony Hoffman

On 8/14/07, Brendan Walsh <audicted42 at gmail.com> wrote:
> >If the repair costs more than the car is worth, how does the insurance
> >handle this?
> Generally they total it, though you might be able to buy it back from
> them. I wouldn't recommend this though, you'll need a state safety
> inspection(not the same as regular inspection) in order to put it back
> on the road. Plus you'll always have the "rebuild" title following the
> car. If you need parts you could try GI's U-pull it in Pine Brook off
> route Rte 46.I think you make take exit at  Chapin road (right if your
> heading west bound, take the jug handle and cross back over 46 if your
> heading east)and turn right on Bloomfield ave in the direction of
> Fairfield.  Go in the entrance, turn left at the first aisle and go
> all the way back. Last time i was there there were a slew of type $$
> cars. There may be a 5K or 5 back there. also a good place for B3
> parts. They even had a lightly banged up 20V coupe at one point,too
> bad i didn't have the cash to rescue it at the time. :(
> Good luck!
> Brendan
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