Hot air all the time!

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Hey guys,  I couldn't get my heater valve in my UrQ to seal perfectly, and
even the newer ones would leak, likely because the Bowden cable did not get it
to fully close.  So I got a hot water shutoff valve from Home Depot - the kind
with a lever handle and brass ball.  I keep it closed during the summer and
open in the late fall.  Worked great.  Without it, even with a working AC, hot
air would mix in and ruin the cooling.  It is a bit of fun to get it plumbed
in due to additional length and lack of room, but worked well for me - about a
1 hour fix.




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I just put an inline valve (got one from a 4K at a wrecking yard) in the
heater line as a positive shut off since the bowden cables on that car just
didn't seem to do it by themselves. Pretty well a $4 fix.




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> Mark Graham wrote:

> > Howdy!

> >

> > I'm working 12 hr. shifts and haven't had time to check the archives.

> > I have a 86 5000 with a seized A/C compressor now for 5 years.  Just 

> > recently, all it will do is blow hot heated air in the Vent, Economy 

> > position, etc.  No cool or cold outside air?  What do I need to 

> > check or fix?  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


> I'm in the same boat. I believe the answer is one you aren't going to 

> like though! The blower housing and such all rest in a very hot place, 

> and basically your 'cool' outside air is just getting heated up by the 

> super high underhood air temps that our cars suffer from. In my case 

> the heater valve isn't leaking, and the heater core isn't getting too 

> hot, and the entire HVAC casing under the cowel is very hot to the 

> touch. Of course even without coolant flow the heater core will still 

> heat up just by the heat conductivity of the water and hoses. 2+2 = No 

> refigerant flow means windows down ;-).


> It is also possible that your heater valve is leaking, or that it's 

> being falsely opened. Try taking cobram's advice and clamping off one 

> of the heater hoses. I suggest something like this design:



> oup_ID=1461&store=snapon-store&dir=catalog


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