Help: 2004 Passat 1.8T shakes at idle

VFChris at VFChris at
Thu Aug 16 21:04:28 EDT 2007

This is a 1.8T with the auto-tip transmission.  I am speaking of an 
unpleasant feeling  in the steering wheel, the seat, and the floor boards.  I’m not 
sure whether the engine really  is running poorly, or whether the engine 
isolation system (motor mounts?) is to  blame. It is just a harshness that seems too “
direct” to be normal.   It reminds me of my old 5-cylinder  4000Q.  I should 
add that otherwise,  off-idle, it runs wells and I am happy with it. 
I just bought his cars used with 38k miles, and I don’t have any  information 
on its history.  I took  it to the dealer, because it is still under 
warrantee. They told me it has no  codes, and there is nothing “broken” with it; it 
just needs a tune up (spark  plugs, air filter, etc.).   I  did the spark plugs 
and air filter work myself, and let them charge me for a  “throttle body 
cleaning service”, and it still shakes. 
This is my first ownership of a 1.8T.  A while ago, my buddy let me drive his 
 2001 Audi A4 with a 1.8T (manual trans), and I don’t remember it being this  
rough.  My other car is a Cadillac,  so perhaps I am being unfair with my 
expectations (I don’t even know whether the  Cadillac is running; I have to 
reassure myself that is it by looking at the  tach). 
Does anyone have any thoughts? 
Thanks very much, 

VFChris at 

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