Help: 2004 Passat 1.8T shakes at idle

thejimrose thejimrose at
Fri Aug 17 11:33:57 EDT 2007

in the vag cars i've owned, when you can start to feel the motor in
the steering wheel / dash / etc at idle it's a sign of very poor
running or bad mounts. if the vibration level has changed as you say
then something is likely amiss.

i'd have the mounts checked.

> This is a 1.8T with the auto-tip transmission.  I am speaking of an
> unpleasant feeling  in the steering wheel, the seat, and the floor boards.  I?m not
> sure whether the engine really  is running poorly, or whether the engine
> isolation system (motor mounts?) is to  blame. It is just a harshness that seems too ?
> direct? to be normal.   It reminds me of my old 5-cylinder  4000Q.  I should
> add that otherwise,  off-idle, it runs wells and I am happy with it.
> I just bought his cars used with 38k miles, and I don?t have any  information
> on its history.  I took  it to the dealer, because it is still under
> warrantee. They told me it has no  codes, and there is nothing ?broken? with it; it
> just needs a tune up (spark  plugs, air filter, etc.).   I  did the spark plugs
> and air filter work myself, and let them charge me for a  ?throttle body
> cleaning service?, and it still shakes.
> This is my first ownership of a 1.8T.  A while ago, my buddy let me drive his
>  2001 Audi A4 with a 1.8T (manual trans), and I don?t remember it being this
> rough.  My other car is a Cadillac,  so perhaps I am being unfair with my
> expectations (I don?t even know whether the  Cadillac is running; I have to
> reassure myself that is it by looking at the  tach).

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