Fender Bender repair advice needed

SJ syljay at optonline.net
Sat Aug 18 14:28:57 EDT 2007

The other driver's Insurance company contacted me and sent an appraiser.
The appraiser spent about an hour here taking pix and doing his mumbo jumbo. He mentioned that the car interior was very nice for a car its age. He had a laptop and was using his cellphone calling his autobody contacts.
He could not get anyone to give him a price because the body parts were not available. I guess the local shops could not find used parts either. 
The appraiser said the insurance company would send another guy . . the "total" specialist. 

I've got too many good parts recently installed to accept their "salvage" deal. 
I have a brand new OEM exhaust system and rebuilt alternator installed. The fuel injectors, inserts and O-rings are new. These parts alone are worth more than what they will offer me.

I have all the receipts for all the parts and service done on the car since the second owner bought the car in 1993. I'm the third owner and bought the car in 1999.
All the parts/service information is in a spreadsheet.

What options do I have with the Insurance company?
I prefer to have the car fixed. I can get the body parts from Chris at Force Five. Shipping may be an issue though. A local small body shop gave me a quote of $1500 to get it fixed. The price includes the parts, which I priced out at Force Five and the body guy marked up.
But, I dont think the insurance company wants to deal with these kind of parts "maybes". Also, the $1500 may be more than what their book value is.

How far will they go to "make me whole". The other driver admitted the accident was his fault. He backed out of the driveway without looking. My car was parked legally in the street. I was not in the car. - CASE CLOSED!
Do I have to accept what they offer. Is there room for negotiations?

Looking for options, arm twisters, and tactics to use in negotiations.

Anyone know what they book value is for this car? 1988 5000 Quattro, manual tranny, no turbo. It has 176K miles. Everything works with the exception of the A/C. 
Inside is clean. The outside of the car has the peeling clear coat issue.


Original Post:
The dingbat kid across the street backed up into my 88 5kq. Car got hit on driver side, just under the side light.

The driver side front fender is bent.
The bumper is dented in, plastic top cracked under the headlight.
Side lite broken
Headlight is pointing lower than other side. I suspect the sheet metal  in back of the headlight is bent.
Headlight is loose, I think one of the plastic holders is cracked.
Wheel well liner is cracked.

Looks like the easiest fix is replacing fender, liner, bumper, headlight, sidelight with junkyard parts.
Anybody have spare parts to sell? I'm in Northern NJ.
Color of fender and bumper is grey - trunk label says: "Paint Number/Interior: LY7U/LY7U    - - /KK"

Whats the trick to removing the driver side front fender?


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