Leaking wheels

SJ syljay at optonline.net
Sat Aug 18 14:52:17 EDT 2007

>    1. Leaking wheels.  Was: quattro Digest, Vol 46, Issue 30
>       (cobram at juno.com)
> Has Audi ever made an alloy wheel that doesn't start to leak @ around 4
> or 5 years?  I gave up on trying to "fix" this feature on the 5KS and
> 200TQA, new tires, sanded and cleaned rim, enough Camel sealer to hold
> the Hindenberg together, new stems, and they STILL slowly leak.  I think
> Brishitium is the alloy of choice when it comes to wheels from the boys
> at Inglostadt.

I fixed the wheel/leaking air issue on both my cars.
I posted a writeup on the repair a while back.
The work entailed:
1. removing tire and valve stem
2. wire brushing the wheel insides, and a good cleaning of the valve stem
area - scrape out all the chalky crap.
3. Apply spray aluminum etching primer (auto body shop supplies) - making
sure you cover the valve stem area
4. Apply regular primer or stove paint - I think I used stove paint enamel
or such thing. I guess anything will do.
5. I think I diluted the paint and applied it with a small brush in the
valve step area . . .several coats.

Havent had any leaks now for several years.


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