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Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Sat Aug 18 18:36:04 EDT 2007

Well yes, but you would be adjusting only closed loop operation, which 
is idling and before first micro switch kicks in. (have a look at:   
http://www.eurowires.net/wst_page6.html   ). After that point, in open 
loop, that adjustment has no effect. CIS E cars are usually affected by 
lean conditions after the enrichment  micro switch kicks in (after 
aprox. 4K), and for this problem you can get enrichment kit. Since your 
lean conditions are  before enrichment switch point, you should look 
into micro switch operation first.
If you really want to adjust it and experience the effect, use the tool 
and mark starting position (so it can be returned to) and take it as 12 
o'clock. Turn it CW to 1 o'clock or even two, and find the difference. 
Idling should get uneven and rough. However, test the car and find if 
the knock is affected. If it is, it means the MS is not working. After 
that, return the adjustment to starting position.

HTH, Ado

Tess McMillan wrote:

>And here's my Audi content: is it possible for me to enrich the fuel 
>mixture in my CIS ('88) Quattro myself (no VAG diagnostic tools)? 
>I've been looking through the Bentley and getting totally confused.... 
>My knock is now between 2800 and 3200 and will go away above and below 
>that point.
>in Bellevue, WA USA

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