88 90q - Trunk Unlocked!

Bob Gregory rggpa1 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 19 15:14:44 EDT 2007

After not a whole lot of effort, got the trunk open.  Here is the step-by-step:

- Take back seat out;

- Remove sheet metal panel covering hole for optional ski sack.  Dremel used to cut 4 small tabs holding panel in place.

- With a lot of extensions and phillips bit, I was able to remove inner cover on rt side taillight/lock assembly.  Everything looked good there; all nylon clips were attached, connecting rod looked like new.

- With same extension, removed flange nuts (10 mm head) holding upper (lid side) latch mechanism.  With long screwdriver and with arm reaching into trunk, pried upper latch mechanism loose so that its mounting plate was almost off two bolts.  Couldn't reach in far enough to completely slip plate off bolts.

- From outside car, wiggled trunk lid briefly and luckily, the plate slipped off its 2 mounting bolts and lid was free!

Looking at lock mechanism, it seemed to be fine.  The nylon clips and connecting rod looked like new - white nylon and shiny metal.  After fooling with the lock and key part, found that the pot metal lever that is activated when you push in on the lock with the key had broken, and the lever did not move the connecting rod enough to release the latch mechanism.

I hate pot metal.

Many thanks to Tony H, who provided pix of his parts car so I had an idea of what the trunk lid looked like from the inside.

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