88 5kq hit by kid backing out of driveway

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Somehow I don't believe that at all, in any state. I am not aware of any
state or insurance company that has that stance. It would make no sense to
say that if a car is only worth $2000, but the repairs would cost $10,000
that they would be required to pay that. Personal injury is a different
case, but property damage doesn't work that way. If the value of the car is
lower than the repair, they aren't going to give you MORE than it's worth.
If they do, they're nuts, and it would cost everyone else a lot more money
in the long run. Who do you think pays for that? WE do when we buy insurance
at inflated rates because some jackass scammed the system.

Now, if you can prove that the ACTUAL value of the vehicle is higher than
blue book (often the value IS higher), then you have a case for getting a
bit more, but I doubt in most cases you are going to get $10,000 for a $2000
car. I just went through it with one of my own vehicles (Range Rover), which
was in a shop that caught fire. The insurance company offered me low blue
book (of course), and I told them there was NO WAY I would take that since
it would be impossible to replace the vehicle with something comparably
equipped for anywhere near that price. Months and months of battling back
and forth before any settlement was agreed upon, and it wasn't all that
satisfactory in the end, other than I got to keep the vehicle. I did have to
(by law) get a salvage title on the vehicle and submit a copy to the
insurance company BEFORE they would cut the check. That is the LAW here in
Arizona, and in many states in the U.S. unfortunately.

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> Other drivers insurance company already sent an appraiser,
> but appraiser could not get anyone to fix the car for reasonable
> cost. The appraiser told me that the car would be classified as
> "totalled" and the salvage guy would be in touch with me.
> Today, the other drivers insurance company called me with a "totalled"
> They will send me a check for $1807.65 as soon as I fax them a
> copy of my Title.  This amount already has the "towing > fee" of $113
> subtracted from it. I get to keep the car. No changes to Title or
> registration papers.
> My "insurance guru" tells me that this is a fair deal.
> What are your opinions?

Well, I'm completely stunned at how eager everyone is to roll over
for the insurance companies. In my state, if it cost $10,000 to fix a
$2,000 market valued car, the responsible party's insurance
company would be coughing up $10,000. It amazes me what
a bunch of pathetic sheep the insurance industry has made you
all into.

'88 5kcstq
Boulder, Colorado

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