88 5kq hit by kid backing out of driveway

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Tue Aug 21 19:36:18 EDT 2007

actually, the big issue is fraud......or so I'm told.

On Aug 21, 2007, at 3:33 PM, Kevin Smith wrote:

> Somehow I don't believe that at all, in any state. I am not aware of 
> any
> state or insurance company that has that stance. It would make no 
> sense to
> say that if a car is only worth $2000, but the repairs would cost 
> $10,000
> that they would be required to pay that. Personal injury is a different
> case, but property damage doesn't work that way. If the value of the 
> car is
> lower than the repair, they aren't going to give you MORE than it's 
> worth.
> If they do, they're nuts, and it would cost everyone else a lot more 
> money
> in the long run. Who do you think pays for that? WE do when we buy 
> insurance
> at inflated rates because some jackass scammed the system.
> Now, if you can prove that the ACTUAL value of the vehicle is higher 
> than
> blue book (often the value IS higher), then you have a case for 
> getting a
> bit more, but I doubt in most cases you are going to get $10,000 for a 
> $2000
> car. I just went through it with one of my own vehicles (Range Rover), 
> which
> was in a shop that caught fire. The insurance company offered me low 
> blue
> book (of course), and I told them there was NO WAY I would take that 
> since
> it would be impossible to replace the vehicle with something comparably
> equipped for anywhere near that price. Months and months of battling 
> back
> and forth before any settlement was agreed upon, and it wasn't all that
> satisfactory in the end, other than I got to keep the vehicle. I did 
> have to
> (by law) get a salvage title on the vehicle and submit a copy to the
> insurance company BEFORE they would cut the check. That is the LAW 
> here in
> Arizona, and in many states in the U.S. unfortunately.
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>> Other drivers insurance company already sent an appraiser,
>> but appraiser could not get anyone to fix the car for reasonable
>> cost. The appraiser told me that the car would be classified as
>> "totalled" and the salvage guy would be in touch with me.
>> Today, the other drivers insurance company called me with a "totalled"
> offer.
>> They will send me a check for $1807.65 as soon as I fax them a
>> copy of my Title.  This amount already has the "towing > fee" of $113
>> subtracted from it. I get to keep the car. No changes to Title or
>> registration papers.
>> My "insurance guru" tells me that this is a fair deal.
>> What are your opinions?
> Well, I'm completely stunned at how eager everyone is to roll over
> for the insurance companies. In my state, if it cost $10,000 to fix a
> $2,000 market valued car, the responsible party's insurance
> company would be coughing up $10,000. It amazes me what
> a bunch of pathetic sheep the insurance industry has made you
> all into.
> DeWitt
> '88 5kcstq
> Boulder, Colorado
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