88 5kq hit by kid backing out of driveway

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Wed Aug 22 10:58:43 EDT 2007

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>> I've just recently got involved in a INS suit with my Ninja.
>> Its a '93 but can be easily confused with a '03 ( first of the true 
>> modern street bike styles)
>> http://www.brittcrowell.com/2004/2004-05-07_Ninja/moto1.jpg

>It's evident you've never done this.  I have, not for myself, but a
>stubborn meathead relative.  Took 4 years and a lot of patience
>(courthouse is 2 blocks from my house.)  It's a fools errand, you won't
>even see a judge most of the time, the magistrate or an arbitrator will
>review it first, other party doesn't show, YOU have to hire a constable
>to serve them, and it goes on, and on, and on.  I emailed a few of the
>details to the original poster.  And even IF you get a judgement,
>collecting starts a whole new process.  It's a lot of BS for what amounts
>to chump change considering what you have to go through.

I'm in total agreement with you on that statement! I just finished a 3 year
battle, which amounted to next to nothing in the grand scheme of things.
Even when a judgement is in your favor, they have a right to appeal the
decision, and multiple times as well! You MIGHT even get the other party to
agree to arbitration and accept whatever the arbitrator decides for the
case, but they can change their mind after, appeal it, and opt for a court
trial, at which point both parties will end up meeting with the judge, who
will discuss the case and also try to help you come to an amicable decision,
and if you both don't agree, they'll proceed to the next stage of the trial
process. It's absolutely NOT WORTH IT! There are no winners!

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