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Hello all,

I've been watching this thread from a distance...and it offers an ideal segue for me.  I happen to have an 88 5KSQ sitting in my driveway. It needs a fuel pressure accumulator,exhaust/
cat...tires...and...as of two  weeks ago, work done to the sagging rear of the headliner...the list goes on.  I haven't got the time to put it back on the road (I have my 84 4KSQ to repaint...and have run out of summer.)

My son owned it for a couple of years and I "inherited" it when he bought another vehicle. Although it's an inanimate object...I don't have the heart to have a Quattro hauled to a bone yard...and..given the current price of iron...realize the fate that awaits it.

Not to belabor the point (too late now...), but any lister who wants to come and pick it up is welcomed to it...for FREE(even though it's old ;-)

I'm situated in north-central MA and can be reached off-list.


George B.
84 4KSQ
88 5KSQ

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>It's evident you've never done this.  I have, not for myself, but a
>stubborn meathead relative.  Took 4 years and a lot of patience
>(courthouse is 2 blocks from my house.)  It's a fools errand, you won't
>even see a judge most of the time, the magistrate or an arbitrator will
>review it first, other party doesn't show, YOU have to hire a constable
>to serve them, and it goes on, and on, and on.  I emailed a few of the
>details to the original poster.  And even IF you get a judgement,
>collecting starts a whole new process.  It's a lot of BS for what amounts
>to chump change considering what you have to go through.
>> Now lets think about my '88 5000CS TQ I still have
>> Next year its considered a classic.
>> In 6 years its considered a antique car.
>> What does that do to the value?
>> 2K 4K 6K
>HEY, Chris Semple, I want my 1984 5KS you hauled away for free back!!
>Evidently it was worth a whole lotta money because it's OLD.  Anything is
>only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it, the only reason
>most of us are on this list is because Audi resale is abysmal, especially
>so for the type 44's with the plethora of "quirks" they have.  Having a
>type 44 totalled by the insurance company is the closest we'll ever get
>to actually receiving book value for the car.
>--Hah, check your fridge, it's doing double duty as the lid on the mayo and
>the sixpack of your choice!
>-Chris Semple
>Concord NH
>'93 E350 Club, 322k, worth 200$ in steel
>   '84 4000q, 150k, worth what someone wants to give for it
>      '04 F350 DRW, 60k, book value still has meaning
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