NAC: sucks to be me (not for children to read)

Ben Swann benswann at
Thu Aug 23 00:55:30 EDT 2007

Now you got me started.  The supposedly cute Raccoons that have been gathering
in our backyard occasionally  decided Guinea-Pig and Rabbit was a good meal.
I had no idea they were vicious predators until after I found "Toffee"
decapitated and ivicerated with entrails out and left behind for later.
Thought it was an owl at first - nice tame mother GP would come up to you and
let you pet her - sweetest 2 year old pet.  A couple days after completing the
pen enclosure against arial predators, I heard midnight commotion and GP
squeal.  Ran outside in shorts only to withness a very large COON carrying
"Coffe" the father up a large Oak  - apparently some others were waiting for
the shared meal.  These were the last remnant of a nice family - babies had be
eradicated earlier by at the time the unknown cause.  Gone also wer a mother
rabbit- fairly large in size, the father rabbit.  Two newer rabbit of nice
breed had also been attacked - skin was completely ripped off the leag and
hinquarters of "Oreo" new female and hopeful mother to be.  The dwarf agouti
had a good chunk taken out of his side too.  I had no idea.


I did some research an confirmed the method of killing on Toffee was
definately Coon - they just don't do trash cans and Kroi.  I Set a supposedly
surefire trap - trip board into large trashcan filled with water that is
suppose to weigh them down so they can't get out.  Right!   Upon hearing the
trap action in process, went out side to see the large animal had cleared the
trashcan carrying the can of tuna fish bait.  As I  Walked out the door it
stood on it hind quarters revealing the size of a decent dog - say collie or
small German Shepherd and if it could talk, was surely say to me, "this is my
tuna, back off!"  I wasn't about to see what those teeth could do.  Found my
air-rifle and 2 shots at 10 feet behind the ear - did not even flinch, as if
he was getting a small bee sting.


I purchased a trap the next day for medium to large raccoons - laughed at the
clerk, because I was skeptical if it would fit in the trap.  She assured me it
would.  Since then I have been averaging a coon every other night.  2 large
Females,  4 babies(still big)  one small male - tried to tame, but let him go.
And finally tricked the large male into using the trap which it kind of
already new what it was.  Up to eight so far in under 2 weeks, and still
catching them, but looks like I had a veritable infestation of these not so
cute to me anymore creatures.


MAC - Avant used as transport vehicle in catch and release to remote area.  I
really should have used them as crab bait, as the avant has taken on the
temporay smell of a dog the has gotten into may trashcans and fish!


Ben - In the wilds of BroadCreek on the South River, Annapolis,  MD.

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