Exhaust system suspension donuts keep breaking

SJ syljay at optonline.net
Mon Aug 27 23:37:56 EDT 2007

From: "Ado Sigal" <a.sigal at bluewin.ch>

> You should inspect the state of engine mounts to start with, and if cat
> has on one end flange with donut ring connection, replace 3 bolts and
> nuts by flexi connection with springs and washers (from S2), and longer
> SS bolts (9 cm), and proper exhaust locknuts. Don't tighten it much, and
> and exhaust donuts will last very long time. If both flanges are flat,
> loosen one flange, so one can install reinforced donuts much easier.
> Replace bolts with SS ones.

***** Good idea about the flexi connection.
But, you are addressing the exhaust flange donuts and my problem is with the
suspension rubber donuts toward the rear of the exhaust system.

Do the engine mounts affect the rubber donuts? Too much engine rotation
causes the exhaust system to twist too much?

How do you test/examine the suspension mounts to see if they are


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