Will 87 5ks Instrument Cluster work in 88 5kq?

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at yahoo.ca
Tue Aug 28 10:12:36 EDT 2007

if the cluster connectors are the same then the speedos are also likely
to be the same.
do they have the same scale (max speed value)?

you could always dismantle both and just swap out the speedo with the
dud odo....
I have done that on the mk2 8v GTI a few times when swapping between mk2
8v, mk3 8v, mk2 16v, mk4 passat 16v gearboxes

that way you keep the rest of the cluster the same without having to
wire in the MFA or have it there but not working.


SJ wrote:
> The odometer on my 88 5kq stopped turning recently.
> I was rumaging in the local junkyard and found a 87 5000S auto, with 70k
> miles on it. This car has the same instrument cluster as mine, with the
> exception that the cluster also has electronic readouts for mpg, etc.
> Will the 87 cluster work in the 88? I dont need the mpg, etc information.
> I'm assuming that the connectors will be the same on both cars, with the
> exception of an extra computer connection which I dont need.
> Also, is the speedometer cable the same on both cars? The 88 5kq is manual
> tranny. The 87 5ks is an auto tranny.
> SJ
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