Mann Oil Filters W719/30 vs W719/5

Bob Gregory rggpa1 at
Thu Aug 30 11:55:39 EDT 2007

What would allow a 6x longer period of use, more filter media in the same size container?
Different/better? filter media?  From sources I typically use, /5 and /30 cost the same
$.  Therefore, using /30 for a shorter duration could offer an advantage (small)?

<Responding to Bob, bob said:

<Your hypothesis is correct, the filter media is different in these two filters. 
<Mann numbering implies that the /30 filter can be used 6x longer than the /5 filter.
<The /30 filter is marked in German with "Long Life Filter" and 30,000 KM or 2 years.

<If you're changing the oil quite frequently, use of the /30 filter is overkill,
<but it still is a small cost comparatively.

<I use the W719/5 in my KA engine and the W719/30 in my AMU engine.


<'86 5Ks Avant (W719/5)
<'02 TTQR (W719/30<)
'07 Q7 4.2 (Mann doesn't list one)

<Bob Gregory asked: about the difference between the W719/5 and W719/30 Mann filters.

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