Mann Oil Filters W719/30 vs W719/5

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at
Fri Aug 31 12:18:22 EDT 2007

Trivia fact to complete this post:

The suffix represents the distance (kilometreage?) of the
expected filter replacement period : 
-/5 is for 5000 km, or 4 months, or 3000 miles
-/30 is for 30 000km, or 2 years, or 18 000 miles.

In France at least, new cars since late '90s have 2 year/30
000 km oil change intervals. Diesel or gas, no difference.
And I know the usual blah-blah about oil change frequency in
harsh weather or city driving. There, it doesn't make a
difference: 30 000 km is the norm. Not that I would follow
that here, for me once a year is OK with good synthetic oil.


-----Message d'origine-----

My understanding is that the filter media is designed to
hold more dirt in the /30 filter. I have both of course but
have not cut new ones open to compare. The /5 filter weighs
354g and the /30 one weighs 366g. The /5 has 4 perimeter
holes, the /30 has 5 holes. The bypass valve is on the
gasket end on the /5 and the other end on the /30. So there
are some differences. If you have a source for them at the
same price, I'd just use the /30 for everything. When I got
my 10 packs, the /5 was about $4 each and the /30 was $10


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