Wheel fitment question

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Sun Dec 2 16:05:41 PST 2007

> I'd agree. I've swapped between 45 and 38 mm (negative) offset on both
> Audi's and VW's without any noticable effects. Some of the offset change
> will be necessary in order to deal with the change in rim width's, (it's
> moving the wheel out about 1/4" and at minimum, the new wheel is going to be
> 1" wider, so it's still a bit touch and go), but as Grant says, a large
> change in offsets may make the negative scrub radius of VW/Audis become
> neutral (leads to tramelinnig)

Yah, that's what my 90Q does with 15 x 7 et 38 instead of 14 x 6 et 45 
on it.

Pulls slightly away from crowns on roads, a bit twitchy.  But a nice 
kinda twitchy, mostly, since I'm never anywhere near 9/10ths of anything.

Huw Powell



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