Bentley bad business practices for Audi 90 1993-95 CD version 1

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I have the same problem with 2 CDs entitled Audi Service Manuals Automobile
1983-1998 for Windows 98 but now I have XP, Mitchell is title of software on
computer screen.


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Bad customer service rant from Bentley.  I had a version 1 Bentley repair CD
installed on an old PC (Win NT) that died.  Discovered that it will not
install on my Windows XP machine.
Called Bentley who informed me that it would cost $20 to get an update. I
was not happy especially since I would have purchased the printed book but
it was never published only the CD was available.  After explaining this to
the rep multiple times and she apologizing multiple times, I gave up and
agreed to pay the upgrade fee.  I was than asked to send back the original
packaging which I do not have anymore nor do I have the original CD.  This
item was purchased over 5 years and several apartments ago.  Bentley
basically said I was out of luck. 

When I purchased the CD it was not for a year, two three etc but for the
life of my needs.  When I sold my 4000 the hard cover Bentley went with it
and I do hope that that owner past it on to someone that needed it when he
no longer did. 
Hate being taken advantage of especially from a company that I have done
business with over the past 25 years.
Oh well the only option I might have is to try and upgrade online.  Missing
the four digit stock number from the back of the CD case.  Anyone have the
original Version 1 CD still hanging around.  Any help would be appreciated.
My 1995 90 sport q is not putting out heat and it's starting to get cold in
New England.
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