Bentley bad business practices for Audi 90 1993-95 CD version 1

Brendan mailinglist at
Sun Dec 9 06:30:30 PST 2007

On Saturday 08 December 2007, Grant Lenahan wrote:
> Brett -
> I dont think that's reasonable.  Most products we buy dont
> spontaneously self-destruct.  They dont require yu to prove they are
> yours.  My baseball glove doesn't ask for an activation code.  A book
> - the CD's logical twin - doesn't.  In fact, most of my software
> doesn't.
> Bentley made a product with a time bomb on purpose.

Yes, and no.
You do *not* have a way to prove you bought the software. Of course, that 
could be easily rectified by them keeping your registration info on hand, to 
avoid situations like this, which they did not do. This is farily common 
business practice nowadays. Seems customer-unfriendly, but I'm sure they 
explain it to themselves differently.

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