Snow tires for the A4

Lee Levitt lee at
Tue Dec 11 05:29:31 PST 2007

Sigh...wasn't planning on running the A4 in the winter, but it looks like I
probably should have snow tires on the beast so that if another car is down,
I can drive it...with 3 other Audis in the stable, all with 140+ miles, it's
probably a good idea...otherwise I'm on my bike or my son walks to school
(in bad weather).
I'm running BIRA S1 brakes, so caliper clearance is an issue. My 16" OZ Mito
wheels don't clear the calipers, don't know what other wheels will provide
sufficient clearance.
So I'm looking for a set of 17" snow tires -- 225/45/17 or 215/50/17.
Anyone moving to Florida and have a set of lightly used snow tires for sale?

Alternately, does anyone know of a wheel that will clear the A4 S1 brakeset?

'01 A4 1.8t quattro avant
'99 A6 quattro avant
'97 A6 quattro avant
'96 A6 quattro avant

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