2.2 POWER Anyone !!

Vittorio Bares Vittorio.Bares at nuance.com
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You just reminded me that the first NA 4k I had, the previous owner had
installed VW 16v pistons to raise compression.

Don't know any other details (thicker hg, why that raises compression,

Vittorio -

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Dave did a good job at mentioning the things that you can do to a JT/KX.
This is a relatively low compression engine.  You would gain some power
if you can raise the compression too.  I've never done this with the
KX/JT as the easiest thing was to install the 2.3 l NG.  That would
probably violate the rules you are constrained by, but if you can go up
.1 l then this would be the quickest way to add another 20+ HP and
commensurate torque too.

If you can bump the compression and add knock sensing, there is quite a
bit more power to be had, especially if the engine is balanced and
running with lighter flywheel


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Hi Folks,
Anybody I need help to get the maximum power out of a normally apsirated
 5 cylinder, open to all suggestions.  Adding a turbo is not an  option.
I am thinking about building a 2.2 for the Targa Newfoundland...
this car will run very competitively in Class 7 (Modern 1982 to 1990
Displacement) I am hoping on running in the Non Modified sort of similar
to IT in SCCA racing.
At any rate any suggestions on how to get the max power from this strong
engine would be apprciated.

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Just like any naturally aspirated engine, you aren't going to get tons
of power without switching to forced induction (turbo). But the 2.2ltr
JT/KX engine does respons nicely to some modifications. The first mod
you should do is advance the timing. If you run premium fuel all the
time, you should be able to advance the timing to at least 12*. First
set it to 12* and go for a drive. Do you hear any pinging? No? Try
setting it to 14*, if you did hear pinging, back it off to 12* and test
drive again. Basically, you want as much advance as possible without
pinging. Other mods that will help: 272* cam, 2.25" exhaust (with 4000
quattro downpipe if it is a Coupe GT), larger throttlebody from the 2.3
NG/NF engine, port & polish, balance & blueprint, lightened flywheel,
etc. Basically you can do anything you can do on any other NA engine. A
properly modded 2.2 KX should get up to about 130-140 HP.

-Audiless for now]
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