100S no start

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Tue Dec 11 10:52:33 PST 2007

> This morning my 100S Avant wouldn't start.  It had been sitting for
> months while I drove my 200 TQA. On Saturday, it started right up. 
> Great car. I drove it to work yesterday; no problem. Drove home; no
> problem. Went to start it this morning; problem.
> Turn the key -- nothing. Not even a click.  Giving it the headlight test
> confused me.  I turned on the headlights, and only the parking lights
> came on. I turned the key and the headlights came on. Turned the key to
> start, and the headlights went out. 

As Ed said, that is normal - the headlights are powered via the Load 
Reduction Relay, which is only on when the key is in the "run" position.

> My guesses right now: bad starter (which I think I replaced within the
> past year), or bad ignition switch (which I replaced just before
> replacing the starter).

Don't guess - test.  At least start down at the starter, see if the 
small wire gets 12v when someone turns the key to start.  If so, 
starter, or its big wire, or its ground, might be bad.

If no 12v there, it might be the switch.  Carefully test starter by 
applying 12v with a jumper from the big wire to the small wire's terminal.

Huw Powell



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