best suspension for rally

Brendan mailinglist at
Tue Dec 11 13:07:29 PST 2007

On Tuesday 11 December 2007, Huw Powell wrote:
> > Woweeeeeee that is a tight fit, Huw!!! Seems like a mechanic with ADD
> > might have trouble finishing that project... &:-)
> Not a lot of room under the hood there, no.
> > I did have to do
> > away with the cruise control.
> On a rally car that should be removed anyway, to get rid of those
> wasteful grams.  Otherwise, on a street car, at least the cruise is easy
> to relocate, since all its "connections" are flexible (wires and hose).
> On Brendan's 4kq we moved it down next to the engine mount when we
> installed his Sparco bar.

Thankfully, on the 90q I've got now, it was easier to install the OEM bar with 
some welding on the ends, and no moving of cruise, etc was necessary. Just 
cleared the battery. Improved steering response more than a bit, but still 
less than with the 4kq. This firewall seems thicker/better braced than the 
Type-85, so tying the towers together does less.

It was certainly not as easy to install on my lame Subaru Wagon.

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