5ktq temp sensors

Kneale Brownson knealeski at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 12 14:11:58 PST 2007

I think SJM says the MFTS also controls the report to the instrument cluster.

cody at 5000tq.com wrote:  Ok I'm having trouble with a piece of information. Which of the 
numerous coolant temp sensors feeds the ECU the temp signal? Theres 
the MFTS, but that only sensds the ECU the overheat signal. Then 
theres the after-run sensor which is obvious. Then theres the 2 teeny 
sensors - one of top of the coolant neck on the head, the other 
screwed in to the head itself sorta underneath the hydro-pump bracket.

I can't seem to find referances of those two smaller sensors' 
functions. SJM has a photo that referances the one of the coolant neck 
as the "idle temp sensor" but doesn't have any info on where it's 
signal is delivered.

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