96 A6 Quattro fuel pump

Kevin Smith kevins9 at cox.net
Thu Dec 13 11:01:14 PST 2007

Sorry guys, I should have been more specific with my original post. I 
was asking about the pump making any noticeable noise not because it IS 
noisy, but because I cannot hear ANYTHING at all from it right now. I 
don't remember ever hearing it in the past either, but never TRIED, so I 
wasn't sure. I was hoping that under normal circumstances you could hear 
it slightly, so I'd know if it's operational or not. Since I can't hear 
it at all when turning the key or trying to start the car, I wasn't sure 
if it was pumping or not. I have a fuel delivery problem (no fuel 
getting to engine) apparently, because the car just cranks and will not 
start, but squirting a little starting fluid into the intake will make 
it start.

So, to recap, I am not getting any fuel, but I do have spark. No sound 
can be heard from the fuel pump, and thus the reason I was asking about 
being able to hear it, and asking where the pump is, and how easy it is 
to replace if necessary. Also wanted to know where the relays are in 
this car, so I can check the easiest and cheapest things first. 
Searching online I have found several different posts about location of 
the relay, one being behind a panel in the rear, one being in the main 
fuse box under hood, and one being under dash, above the area where the 
pedals are. The car is a 1996 A6 Quattro Wagon. I'm guessing it's 
probably under dash, because there is nothing labeled in the main 
fusebox for fuel pump, and the fuse box inside the car has a fuel pump 
fuse which is fine, and I couldn't find any relays or anything in the 
rear compartments. I'll have to remove the panels under the dash and 
search I guess.

Anyway, thanks for any input that you can provide. I'd really like to 
get this car running again. My other car (bmw 325) had engine failure 
recently, so I'm stuck with only my standard cab pickup, and I'm tired 
of it.

Kevin Smith wrote:
> On a 1996 Audi A6 Quattro Wagon, would the fuel pump make a noticeable 
> amount of noise when the key is turned on? I can't remember ever 
> noticing it before, but I seem to have a fuel delivery issue with the 
> car, and I'm trying to sort it out. I have checked all the obvious fuses 
> in the fuse box inside the car and under the hood, but can't find any 
> issues there. Is there a relay that I can check, or any hidden 
> fuses/fusible links, or anything anyone can suggest? If it is fuel pump, 
> how difficult is it to replace on this car? Does the tank have to be 
> dropped to do it, like in so many other vehicles?
> The car has been sitting for a bit, and the battery was dead, so I 
> recharged it and tried to start, but it just cranks forever. I need to 
> get it running so I can get the registration taken care of.
> Thanks for any hints, tips, tricks you can provide.
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