A4 funky instrument cluster display

mkb mkb125 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 13 19:34:53 PST 2007

Also, I don't know if the timing belt has been changed (mileage is
110K). If not, is this a week-end DIY job, or a take it to the local
wrench for $x,xxx?

I did mine on my A4 18tqa when I first got it with 71k miles on it.  I'd say it's a weekend DIY job.  Other than the crank locking tool that I think Taka mentioned (which I didn't have), you don't need any other special tools.  I replaced all the pulleys, belts, tensioner and water pump housing.  I didn't do the t-stat at that time but did it later and was able to do it without removing any of the other bits.

Also lent a helping hand on a friends 96 A4 28a FWD.  We were able to do that in an afternoon.  Again, no special tools used and t-stat was real easy to get to as opposed to the 18tqa.

Once the bumper comes off, I think it's pretty straightforward.  There is a very good write up with digi pix on audiworld.

I'm about ready to do it again (when the weather warms up a bit).

97 A4 18tqa

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