'96 A6 Quattro fuel pump

Kevin Smith kevins9 at cox.net
Sun Dec 16 17:43:49 PST 2007

Thanks again for the input.

I ended up doing some more probing, and it seems that the larger guage 
brown wire at the fuel pump connector is ground, and then one of the 
other 3 wires is 12v constant (when key is on), and the other is 12v 
just for that brief moment, probably for as you said, to build up 
pressure in the lines. It now looks like I just have a bad pump, and 
need to replace it. AutoZone has them in stock locally for $238, but not 
sure of the quality, or if that is a reasonable price. I think I found 
one for $136 online the other day, but forgot to bookmark the site.

If anyone has suggestions of a good source for the fuel pump please let 
me know.


Grant Lenahan wrote:
> I dont know exactly how it works, but I do know that the effect is  
> much like what you say.
> It goes on, then turns off. I believe this may be related to building  
> up pressure then turning off until the motor is running.
> I do find that audis ( all of them) start better if you turn the key,  
> wait, then engage the starter. This builds pressure and fuel, I presume.
> I have not traced wires nor watched the 12v feed go on and off.   
> Maybe on a day that cable goes out.....
> Grant

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