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My son has a 01 1.8T and I have the 2.8 30V.
I'll take the 30V over the 1.8 since I am not into modding my Avant. I don't 
like doing the little work I do on our son's 1.8. right down to the oil 
change (PIA). His has cost much more for repairs than the 2.8 that I drive 
and I hear the stories all the time about the heads having to come off of 
the 1.8 for one reason or another. Just a matter of preference though I 
guess. 20V or 30V though, gotta love the Avants with sport suspension. 
Civilized and fun (when the ca's are in good shape) at 145,000 miles.

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>> You want performance? Get a turbo. But be willing to put up with its
>> idiosyncrasies. :)
> you know, i really haven't put up with any engine - related idiosyncrasies
> with my 1.8t. as long as it's not about to die from sludge.. and that's 
> not
> the motor's fault so much as audi's crap oil spec. i think the 1.8t is the
> way to go. mine runs super strong at 150k, and all if the issues i've had
> have been car-specific not engine specific. it's a lighter motor, easier 
> to
> work on, mechanically much simpler than a v6 [1 cam drive, 1 valve cover /
> head gasket, etc]. the only issue is that the turbo's wear out every 
> 80-150k
> miles. i love it. and the last 50k miles have been chipped with a k04 and
> loads of abuse. =)
>> Compared to the type 44, B5s are a quantum leap ahead.
> amen!!!!!!!!!!!!
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